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Industrialization through Managing the Factories on the Right Track

Industrialization of cities is required for its development as they are the backbone of employment and producing goods and earning high profits.  Factories help to produce goods from raw materials. A city that has its factories working throughout the year means that production in that city is good, money is pouring in and workers are getting employment. More industries also mean that the city is developing. It shows that the citizens are educated, employment is generated, products are manufactured and produced, trade is health and money is always on the move. It is a strong symbol of money in the hands of the citizens. When citizens are happy, they are willing to pay good taxes to the mayor and income is generated for the mayor to spend on more productive things.

There is a factory icon on the right end of the screen which gives a list of the factories that already exist and those which are required by that city. You can check if the factories are working by looking at the chimneys. If there is smoke being let out of the chimney, it means that the factories are running. If the lazy icons “zzz” are seen, it means that production is not taking place. There is also a factory menu which shows the building price, production capacity, dirty radius and requirements. Through these you can get to know the cost of building factories, the cost to run the factory, items that can be manufactured, how many processes can run simultaneously, the stink zones or dirty radius that cause  pollution through these factories, how much of population you should have before having these factories, etc. Other than this, there is a method for getting simcity buildit free simcash in game which can be learn constantly.


Unless the factory keeps manufacturing goods, it will become costly to maintain it. The mayor should hence see that the manufacturing process keeps functioning. More production means more goods are produced and can generate income by being sold to neighboring cities as well as sold on the global market. The mayor should keep track of his factory production. He should know the production time, the storage capacity, the stock available at the store and how much of sales are done. If the production process can be done concurrently, it will be better as the processes are independent of each other. The yellow arrows will give you information about the storage capacity and the inventory details.

The mayor requires money to run the city and he can gain it by producing goods at economic costs. Exporting goods produced will generate more income. The cash can also be generated through the SimCity BuildIt Tips by providing unlimited Simoleons to play the game. The mayor should make sure that factories continue to produce goods. He should also provide for good transport facilities and global trading facilities as global trade helps in improving the income of the city. Simoleons have to be well managed for good industrialization of the city.

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